Friday, July 15, 2011

Star Trekkery

     I find the juxtaposition of Kirk v. Picard really amusing. Picard is all diplomatic, and resorts to violence as a last-ditch effort, whereas Kirk's go-to response is almost always "punch" or "shoot". One of my favorite moments is in The Gamesters of Triskelion when he decides Shanna, the love interest in that episode, needs to be unconscious for a while. So, with all his fighting skills and military training, what method does he use for knocking her out? Well, he clocks her in the face like she was a man, of course.
     Picard is probably the ideal leader humanity could hope for, but Kirk is probably more realistic- for now, at least. We'll probably either end up in a TNG Federation-type scenario, or more of an everyone-is-dead-because-we've-killed-ourselves-off situation, but probably nothing in between. I'm leaning toward us blowing ourselves to bits, myself. Not that that's what I'd prefer, it just seems to be more the direction we're headed in. But I digress. And oh! I just noticed there's a Google + option on blogger now, how nifty.

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