Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness

Irene gonna mess you up
       With Irene lurking off the coast like so many ghastly Nosferatu incarnates, it's important to have a solid plan. You have to prioritize and get everything set well before the hurricane is to hit. My plan at this point consists mostly of making sure I have a stock of red wine (you're supposed to drink it warm!), some manner of food stuff (Doritos) and a pile of fully-charged electronics devices, to be used ONE AT A TIME. Oh, and some candles. A SH*T TON of candles. Also a palette of anti-bacterial wipes.
       Basically I'm going to hide, alternatively watching Home Movies and playing Ocarina of Time 3D until I pass out from either wine or terror.

I feel like it's a pretty solid plan, but I'm interested to hear what everyone else is doing.


  1. Batteries. Check.
    Nintendo DS. Check.
    Board games. Check.
    Flashlights. Check.
    Pretending this is the zombie d-day. Check.

  2. gassing up the grill, replacing my beer stock with wine (good call) and getting a power converter for the car.

  3. It's times like this I wish the auto-cook instant noodles from Cowboy BeBop existed. I think almost as much as the space ship and data dog, I was hoping those would be invented soon.

  4. I'm going to buy as many quarts of Hurricane malt liquor as I can fit in my sensible Asian vehicle and hope for the best.