Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Official(?) Legend of Zelda Timetree

Last week it was announced that an official Nintendo-approved timeline for The Legend of Zelda series was going to be released in the special 25th anniversary Hyrule Historia book. The book, which is being edited by Zelda developer Eiji Aonuma, will feature the timeline (more of a time tree in its current condition) mapping out the history of the franchise and linear(ish) order of the games.

Many a fanboy/girl has wiled away hours of their life to the maddening quest of unraveling Link's enigmatic story. It is common canon that there is more than one Link, as the Hero of Time reincarnates- a fact that makes it all the more challenging to construct timeline for the games. It is not especially clear how many Links there are, but at the very least the Wind Waker version is mentioned in the game as being a descendant/reincarnation of the Hero.

Here is the timetree as it stands now:

It's not a finalized version but particularly interesting is the fact that some of the games branch off in a universe where Link doesn't beat Gannon in Ocarina of Time. Here's a link to the full-sized version, in case you can't read the above: Click

My primary question for Nintendo is this: What in the HELL am I supposed to make my life's work now?

NOTE: For the next post I'd like to do a write-up on video game tattoo culture, so if you have a video game tat please send me a photo: strayxdogxstrut@gmail.com
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  1. Oh, looking forward to your post on video game tattoo culture. I love looking at the gamer tats at anime conventions.