Monday, September 5, 2011

Snooze Fest at Shark Night

       As any one of the friends I bugged about going will tell you, I was pretty stoked for the arrival of Shark Night 3D this past Friday. The visuals of the trailer promised a shark-loaded gorefest, complete with unnecessary explosions and co-ed nudity.
       The trailer lied.
       Directed by David R. Ellis of the Final Destination franchise, Shark Night 3D somehow wound up with a rating of PG-13. This was puzzling given the amount of gore implied by the trailer. It was puzzling, that is, until I saw the movie on Sunday.
       The lack of plot was not surprising given the genre. In fact, it was expected (how could you not?). Unfortunately, the film itself, while holding to the anticipated poor plot and lack of character development, also lacked in the gore department. There were only 5 types of shark in the film, at least two of which are not considered dangerous to humans. There was also not actual human violence shown, just implied. You'd see a shark leap out of the water and the film would cut just as it was about to rip some poor college kid in half.
       With nor off-the-wall gore or nudity to redeem the films lack of mediocre plot, Shark Night 3D is a pretty useless movie. It's dull, predictable, and I would advise renting this one, if bothering to watch it at all. Especially at the steep $14.00 most theaters charge for a ticket.

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